MegaTech Machinery (M) Sdn Bhd is a leading supplier of new and used printing, cutting, book binding and finishing machinery.

We have a wide range of good quality used and new Offset Printing Press, Label Printing, Binding and
Paper Converting machines, Semi-Auto Saddle Stitcher and Box Folder Gluer and etc. of your choice.



To meet and cater to the demands of all our clients be it large, medium or even small scale business.

We standby our commitment to fulfill our customers' needs in providing quality print equipment, machinery, on-time delivery and dedicated after sales service.

We at MEGATECH MACHINERY believe in building a relationship with our customers and creating a synergy between our customers and our clients to meet the demand of the printing industry.

  • 国际机械(马)有限公司是新及二手印刷, 印刷, 书本装订, 修饰和转机械的首要供应商.

  • 我们的服务不只限于售卖崭新的机械. 我们也供应各式各样的二手及复新的机械.

  • 了解到现代业务需要多样化的产品, 假如我们的存货不能符合您的要求, 国际机械(马)有限公司非常乐意帮您寻找或替您定购适合的机械.
  • 为迎合所有的顾客需求, 不论是大, 中, 小型企业, 我们坚守承诺提供有素质的印刷器材, 机械, 准时交货及给于售后服务, 以满足顾客的需求.

  • 在国际机械(马)有限公司, 我们深信与顾客建立良好的关系及联合起来增加效率, 以迎合印刷界的需求.